WD-HAN Drops A Big Beat And Fat Riffs On “Shiver”


WD-HAN has staying power. The band formed in 2008 and have continued to grow and gain momentum throughout their twelve years. They’ve not only survived where most other young bands fail, they have thrived. Maybe it’s because they are family. I don’t mean that figuratively, the band is made up of actual family members.

The three piece ensemble calls Tampa, FL home. Their roster consists of the married couple Spencer and Lea Barnes on vocals and drums (respectively) and Cal Henry on guitar. Not to be outdone, the Henry family is further represented by Cal’s wife Marjorye, the band’s manager.

The group has twice been voted Tampa’s best band. They have played hundreds of gigs in their hometown. Not content to stick to their own stomping grounds, they have also toured the world, performing in locations as distant as Taiwan. In their tenure they’ve released four albums and countless singles. Showing no signs of stopping in 2020, WD-HAN is releasing new songs every 4-6 weeks. Once the world has returned to sanity the group will also continue touring, and appearing in music festivals. They have a busy year planned. Their latest is a brand new single, released 3/27/20.

“Shiver” is one part modern Alternative Rock and one part Fuzz-guitar glam. The track has a percussive riff-heavy rhythm that hearkens back to the mighty T-Rex. Spencer’s vocal delivery is a perfect match for that vibe. For a three-piece, the band brings a big sound. I love the driving industrial beat of this track. There is also a nice Cult-style Psychedelic/Metal guitar break at the 2:30 mark. Cool stuff.

Check out “Shiver” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And click the links below to connect with WD-HAN. They have a lot planned for the new year. Follow their socials to stay in the loop.






Hear WD-HAN on the Deep Indie Dive playlist