Rick Habana and Paul Brown’s New “Smooth It Out” Is Chill Jazz Perfection

Rick Habana, "Smooth it Out" featuring Paul Brown

We first heard from Rick Habana in January upon the release of his Smooth Jazz single, “Coast.” On that track, and its accompanying video, the talented producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist created the musical equivalent of a perfect summer day.

The Los Angeles native is back with another installment of funk fueled fun in the sun. On March 6th Habana released his latest single “Smooth it Out.” Once again, he and his elite ensemble deliver a feel good Jazz piece that will transport listeners to a better place.

Locked down, sitting at my desk on a cold, gray and rainy Upstate New York day in late March, I felt about as far from paradise as one can be. Until I queued up Rick’s new video. Upon doing so I was immediately greeted by idyllic, high resolution tropical scenes. As visions of white sands, blue skies and palm trees met my eyes, my ears were treated to a slick soundtrack of Smooth Jazz perfection.

A funky bass and drum groove drive the tune. Smooth tenor saxophone riffs and a soft, airy female vocal paint the horizon over a melodic Jazz piano chord progression. Throughout the track, bluesy guitar riffs complete the canvas. Legendary Jazz guitarist, Paul Brown shines on “Smooth it Out.” His perfect Jazz runs are peppered with just enough G-string bending to keep the sound organic. It is really beautiful playing, and a joy to listen to.

This is the first single from Rick Habana’s upcoming album, “The Collective.” The record is planned as an exciting mix of international collaborations. “Smooth it Out” first song is just one delicious taste of what’s to come. Follow the links below to find out more about Rick Habana. Do not miss out on his most recent releases, activities, and events.






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