Darryn Yates And OTL Find A New Ship To Ride

Darryn Yates and OTL

Exactly one year ago, Darryn Yates was fired from yet another office job. After years of working in the music business, he had been trying unsuccessfully to make it in the corporate world. He thought that was the “grown up” thing to do.

After that final rejection from the sea of cubicles he realized he belonged elsewhere. Rock and Roll was calling again. This time he answered. First he started working as “The Rock and Roll Life Coach” in late Summer 2019, helping guide select artists in their music careers.

His clients inspired him to resurrect his own band, “On Tracy Lane.” They enjoyed significant success in the early 2000s. You can read more about that journey here at The Static Dive. We have covered previous OTL releases; Back to Maybe, Walk in Like DeNiro, and House of Mimes.

OTL’s latest single is the upbeat rocker, “Ship To Ride.” The track is a great Rock & Roll escape song. An awesome Punk infused three chord progression drives the verse. It hints at classic NYC, CBGB-era rock. When the chorus kicks in we are reminded of Darryn’s innate ability to write catchy Power Pop melodies. I really dig the harmonies. The chorus ends with a farewell to the haters, “Yeah I know, we’re gonna leave some of you behind. But where were you when we found this ship to ride?”

Check out “Ship to Ride” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Click the links below to connect with OTL. Get on their socials and follow Darryn Yates’ exciting journey.






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