The Static Dive – Low Tide Funk – 2/5/19

The Static Dive - Low Tide Funk
Original Release Date – 2/5/19

Low Tide Funk

In early 2018 I was having some fun sampling drum loops from old records. I ended up finding a cool beat on Maynard Ferguson’s ‘Primal Scream’ album. I was using ProTools at the time, which had a nice AIR synth called Hybrid. I wrote and recorded that keyboard part over the drums, and then forgot about the track. A year later, it got new life.

This one will definitely get a remix. Not because I don’t like this mix, I do. But I have ideas. Low Tide Funk was really the launching point of a significantly new direction in my music. This is where I officially ditched the singer/songwriter model and got weird. This new act is a lot more fun.

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