The Static Dive – Mezzo Nuovo Blues – 4/9/19

Mezzo Nuovo Blues
Original Release Date – 4/9/19
Artwork by Lela Smith

Mezzo Nuovo Blues

A spaghetti Western Triphop groove? Sure, why not.

I like this one, but it will definitely be getting a remix. The drums need some work. I will probably replace them. I really dig all of the other instrumentation though. I started with the bassline and then laid down some electric piano, organ, a little synth, and eventually the guitars. I used my Telecaster for the clean noodley stuff and my Les Paul for the solo and slide bits. That’s when it really came together as a blues track, of sorts anyway.

Finally I added a little bit of Muddy Waters talking, and some Italian women. The whole Italian theme came accidentally. I usually just choose random words when naming songs in progress. ‘Mezzo’ stuck with this one. Loosely translated the title means either ‘new middle’ or ‘half again’ blues. It’s deep, yo.

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