Cat Ryan’s Exciting New Sound, On The Shoulders of Giants

Cat Ryan

Cat Ryan is a wildly creative new Art-Rock/Modern-Shoegaze trio from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North of England. Their eclectic and adventurous sound has already garnered them a lot of attention in their burgeoning local music scene, and beyond. The band was recently signed to the Pillar Artists record label and management group.

The group’s latest single “Mannerism” is an infectious and clever Indie-Pop tune that packs a lot of goodness into two minutes and twenty-five seconds. In both style and substance, the song is born of the best UK Alternative Rock traditions. Like another great Northern England band before them, The Smiths, Cat Ryan dissects the confusion of young love with a sing-song melody and an intricate guitar tapestry. If Johnny Marr is listening, he is smiling.

Lyrically and musically, this smart stuff. Mary-Anne is Cat Ryan’s multi-instrumentalist frontwoman, singer and lyricist. She says, “Mannerism is a self-reflexive song based on the frustration of trying to read people, sometimes to the extent that it controls your everyday thoughts.”

Fortunately though, the emotional complexities of “Mannerism” do not come at the expense of the music. It may be smart, but it is also a lot of fun. Mary-Anne delivers the catchy melody with the familiarity of a conversation over a pint at the pub. And that guitar kept my finger on the rewind button through multiple plays.

“Mannerism” is the sixth single release to date from Cat Ryan. As of this writing the song already has over 9K spins on Spotify. And they are just getting started. Follow the links below to connect with Cat Ryan. Stay in the know on all of their current and future projects. And check out “Mannerism” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist.





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