Kepa Lehtinen’s Beautiful, Theremin Infused Sadness

Kepa Lehtinen

Multi-instrumentalist and composer, Kepa Lehtinen is almost as courageous a musician as he is talented. I say that because one of the many instruments he has mastered is the theremin. A theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled without any physical contact by the performer. They usually consist of a small box, with two metal protrusions. I own one. As evidenced by this video, I have no idea how to play it.

On his new release “It is Ok to be Sad and Dark,” Lehtinen plays the theremin beautifully. In the hands of an actual thereminist like Kepa, the instrument has a haunting and gorgeous tone. His new EP consists of six classical pieces which find his theremin in an ensemble, matched with piano and contrabass.

Kepa Lehtinen's Beautiful, Theremin Infused Sadness 1
A Moog Theremin

The instrument functions as would a violin or cello in a similar setting. However, it is capable of creating tones and moods that no stringed instrument could hope to produce. Here, Lehtinen’s theremin alternately takes on the qualities of a reed instrument or even a vocal. It is an extraordinary sound. The artist spent an entire year perfecting the theremin melodies as well as the vintage Hi-Fi color of the recording.

Kepa Lehtinen is a native of Helsinki, Finland. He began to study music as a child and eventually went on to study Sound Design at Finland’s Aalto University and has since written music for many films, commercials, and TV productions. He plays the piano, synthesizers, theremin, and drums. After college Kepa continued his work as a composer, sound editor, and sound designer. His music has appeared in award-winning Finnish titles such as Kimmo (TV series), Almost 18 (feature film), and A Stone LeftUnturned (short film). He released his first solo album, Playing Theremin, in 2018. In 2019 he released Helsinki in November.

Follow the links below to connect with Kepa Lehtinen and stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects. Listen to “It is Ok to be Sad and Dark” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist.





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Listen to Kepa Lehtinen on the Deep Indie Chill playlist