Free COVID-19 Tools From Dogs Of The Galaxies

Dogs of the Galaxies

ANIMATOPICA, the creators of the card game DOGS OF THE GALAXIES, have asked us to tell you about a free tool they developed for families to help fight the spread of the Coronavirus. They hope to assist parents in teaching their children about COVID-19 by explaining what it is, and how to prevent infection.

The tool comes in the form of 5 hands-on visual worksheets, with to-do tasks. Parents and caregivers can print the sheets out, or view them on electronic devices. The sheets are ideal for young children or individuals with learning disabilities like Autism, Down Syndrome etc.

To download the free worksheets, click on the image below.

Free COVID-19 Tools From Dogs Of The Galaxies 1
Coronavirus COVID-19 free product panel by Animatopica

Dogs of the Galaxies

Dogs of the Galaxies is a multi-player, family-friendly and fun card game created by Animatopica, a Michigan, USA based game developer.

Players take turns to play the Dog Breeder who draws a card and describe the dogs in them; for example, what they think the dogs just did or what pranks the dogs have up their sleeves. The dog breeder can weave up any story about the dog and embellish to his/her heart’s content, all within 30 seconds. He or she must also make a face like the dog described.

Others then compete to outdo each other by coming up with the weirdest names, captions or memes for the dog, which often means captioning the faces made by each other, which could be funny. It gets even funnier. Depending on the card, they must also mimic the strange sounds they think that dogs from galaxies like Andromeda make.

Dogs of the Galaxies has 100 unique intergalactic dogs totally unknown to mankind. Actually, there are 95 unique outer-space dog breed illustrations, plus 5 imaginary dog cards to give players the chance to use their imagination to come up with breeds all their own.


COVID-19 Worksheets


Dogs of the Galaxies

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