Sam Gifford Gets Deep With A Backbeat

Sam Gifford

“Something Else” is the advance single from the debut “Man Made” EP by UK singer/songwriter Sam Gifford. It is a catchy and upbeat Indie-Pop track. However, there is more to Sam’s message than just a clever hook. On the new song, through the dual lenses of love and self introspection, the artist examines subjects of self discovery, motivation and personal reinvention.

Gifford uses the medium of a Pop song to tread some heady existential philosophy. Over a driving beat of jangly guitar and a staccato rhythm section, the artist examines the dangers of stagnancy and the importance of taking charge of our personal race against time. Or as Sam says, “Time waits for no man and so we must choose how we allocate the time we have. Do we live a life where our hopes always remain hopes or do we choose “Something Else”?

Fortunately, for all of the song’s brainy subject matter, “Something Else” doesn’t lose sight of the fact that this is Rock & Roll. The track bounces with energy from the first beat. There is some really excellent guitar playing throughout. I particularly like the solo section during the bridge. And Gifford delivers his vocal with an urgent energy.

Sam Gifford is an exciting new talent, capable of pairing a thoughtful and introspective writing style with a keen Pop sensibility. If his debut single, “Something Else” is any indication then we should expect big things from him in the future. Follow the links below to stay up to date on his current and future projects. And listen to “Something Else” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist.





Listen to Sam Gifford on the Deep Indie Dive playlist