Moose – A Funky, Fun Retro Vibe With a Serious Side


By day, Moose (aka Christopher Rohlfs) is a Quantitative Analyst on Wall Street. By night, the multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer creates quirky, funky tunes with a retro vibe and silly but heartfelt sense of humor. His songs are inspired by his relationship with his wife of 12 years. Chris says of the process, “I started making pop tunes as Valentine presents for her, and it got out of hand.” The artist’s wife is also responsible for his stage name. “Moose” is a derivative of a pet name she has for him.

“Emergency Contact” is Moose’s latest single. The track and its accompanying video have a little bit of fun with some serious issues. Actually, the song covers nearly every serious issue facing society today. And, although Moose uses a lighthearted approach in his delivery, there is a lot of heart at the heart of the tune.

Throughout the song Chris runs through a rapid fire list the dangers that face us all in 2020. However, the ultimate message is, “write me down as your emergency contact, we can handle this, babe.” We could all use such an assurance at this point in history. The video intersperses comedic and poignant images from Pop culture and today’s headlines. The affect is alternately fun, and sobering.

His list of influences include soul artists like Stevie Wonder & Bill Withers, folk singer-songwriters such as Paul Simon & Suzanne Vega, and rockers with a sense of humor like Talking Heads & They Might Be Giants. On “Emergency Contact” I hear a lot of 70’s funk and 80’s Jazz. With it’s Fender Rhodes solos, P-Funk style synths and spoken word/rapped vocals the track sounds like some parallel universe collaboration between Quincy Jones, George Clinton and Beck.  

Follow the links below to connect with Moose and stay up to date on all of his current and future projects. Listen to “Emergency Contact” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist.





Listen to Moose on the Deep Indie Dive playlist