Silly Hopp – Love Guru Says, Jump Around On Lockdown

Silly Hopp

Our old friend Love Guru is back with Silly Hopp, a brand new uplifting song to help us all find a little levity and love in these troubled times. If you are unfamiliar with the Love Guru, you can read about some of his previous releases here. Sixteen years ago, Icelandic producer and radio personality, Doddi created the silly character on a whim.

After a steady output of annual lighthearted EDM singles, Love Guru released two full albums in 2019; “Dance you fool, dance!” and “Keep on dancing…. you fool (The Remix Album).” Silly Hopp is the eccentric MC’s answer to our new 2020 reality. Even as we face the reality of social distancing, we can still dance.

Although the lyrics are in Icelandic, Love Guru provided us with an English translation so everyone can appreciate the positive message behind the fun.

Silly Hopp by Love Guru

Today, everything comes alive

Everything comes alive
Lights all around me
I find what I´m looking for

Everything comes alive
Stars in the sky
Lead me to a new place

Beautiful people!
Let´s enjoy life

Stand up
Stand up
Whisper – Come and do the silly Hop

Silly hop
Silly hop, Silly hop

Ok, 1 2 3 Go!

It´s about time to cut the crap, start livin
You are much better than you think Woo!

This is your day and it will be great, life is good
Show some love, don´t fight
We need you, here on this country of ice
Stand together, have some fun and keep the body moving
When Beggio sings Everything comes alive, the Love Guru is ready for the stage
Give me life Beggio

Stand up
Stand up
Whisper – Come and do the silly Hop

Welcome to the Silly Hopp
To the right – to the left
Stand up!

You thought I was weak but I´m stronger
You thought I was broke but I´m richer
You thought I was down but I´m a lover
You thought I was stressed out but I´m a chiller
I´m ready for some fun, in good shoes and in a sexy dress
The Silly hop to the legt to the right , I´m fresh fresh
This is what the nation needs, It´s Guru time
This is your time
This is our time

Silly Hopp opens with the chorus from a classic Icelandic grunge song with vocals provided by the original artist, Beggio. Love Guru´s other partner in this crime is the EDM artist N3dek. A Prodigy-inspired breakbeat dance groove follows the intro, before the song breaks down to a house-party style DJ callout beat.

The song is exactly the kind of fist-pumping fun we all need right about now. Its message is clear in any language. In the words of the Love Guru, “This song is a pep song for the people in these troubled times, with positive lyrics challenging people to stand the fuck up and jump around.”

Follow the links below to connect with Doddi and Love Guru. And Listen to Silly Hopp on the Deep Indie Beat playlist





Hear Silly Hopp on the Deep Indie Beat playlist