AŽ Drops The Glow Up


AŽ is a new singer on the scene in 2020. However, she is in no way new to music. The New England native has a lifelong background in music and performance; growing up starring in plays and musicals, singing, and playing several different instruments. After attending both Emerson College and the prestigious Berklee College of Music, she ventured into her local EDM scene. 

Although she started out as a journalist and content promoter, she soon began performing as a house DJ. In that world the artist goes by the name of DJ Ažurely. In addition to her singing career as AŽ, she continues to DJ. Notable shows include direct support for Mercer at Bijou and playing on the bill with world-renowned acts such as Mija, OOKAY, Ducky, and Goldfish.

AŽ’s single “The Glow Up” is a smooth R&B track that incorporates elements of multiple genres from Rock to Hip-Hop. The song opens with a cool reverberated guitar riff mixed off in the distance. It is a great sound that sets a subdued and chill vibe for the track that persists throughout. The arrangement is stark and moody, with subtle background vocals and a slow funk beat built on Trap drums and EDM bass tones.

The mix leaves plenty of room for AŽ’s vocals to shine. I love the cool calm in her voice. She has a mellow sultry tone. It’s powerful without being forced. The singer tells the tale of a recent break-up and the transformation it has led to for both parties involved.

“The Glow Up” has already enjoyed tremendous success, having racked up over 700,000 spins on Spotify, as of press time. You can check out the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with AŽ and stay up to date on all of her current and future releases.    








Hear AŽ on the Deep Indie Dive playlist