5ofclubs – International DJ Of Mystery


5ofclubs is an interesting character. Despite remaining completely anonymous, the new EDM/electronic pop artist and producer is quickly making a name for himself in the world of dance music. His name, 5ofclubs, comes from the cardology card associated with his birthday. The artist is a renaissance man of sorts who keeps active in many arenas, working over 100 hours per week.

Of his many interests, 5ofclubs says, “I’ve tried a lot of things in my life. I’ve had a lot of jobs.” What started as a bucket list item to learn to produce music has now grown into a passion and the main purpose of his life. He says, “I was inspired by the way electronic music made me feel and how it could take my mind off everything going on in my head. I eventually couldn’t find any more songs that I liked. So, I decided that I’m going to learn how to make stuff I like and then I got hooked on it.”

After a string of single releases over the past few months, 5ofclubs has released his debut EP. It is appropriately titled, “I Am 5ofclubs.” I don’t know what jobs the enigmatic producer has had prior to making records, but he has definitely made the right career move by moving into music. The five song record dips into Pop, R&B and World Music… all through the lens of EDM. In each case, the talented composer and his collaborators hit and exceed the mark.

The EP opens with its most blatantly Pop track, “Right Direction”. Lead vocalist Josh Dreon sings a positive and uplifting tune with a great hook and an infectious EDM beat. The track delivers a much needed dose of optimism in these dark times. “Bang” follows, and is a straight up rave banger. The tune pairs a sick beat with some wildly creative production. You will dance. It is inevitable. Check it out on the Deep Indie Beat playlist.

“Truth” and “Wrld Trvlrs” each pair 5ofclub’s EDM skills with elements of world music. The former blends R&B elements with carribean production and dance music. The latter features hit songwriter and vocalist Krysta Youngs with a groovy island beat and some really cool syncopated guitar and percussion. It is a high point on a record full of high points. The song is currently featured on the Deep Indie Dive.

The EP ends with the beautiful “Take Me Away.” It starts as a mellow ambient tune and gradually builds to a cinematic EDM crescendo before fading again into a mellow synth horizon. 5ofclubs has ambitious plans for 2020, to keep up on all the latest in his career visit his website and follow the links below for all of his socials.

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