“Look for Me” – New Positive Vibes from Brick L

Look For Me

“Look for Me” is the second in a series of new releases this year from Chicago-area rapper, Brick L. The artist is in a phase of reinvention. With a new name and a new positive vibe, his song takes an optimistic look to the future while keeping a thoughtful eye on the past. Motivated by a tireless work ethic and an urge to motivate, Brick L is all about change in 2020. In the artist’s own words he brings, “chill and prosperous vibes with his mellow vocals giving you life stories and mental thoughts through music.”

The track is an autobiographical look at where the artist is today as compared to the very different reality of his past. They used to come and look for him for trouble, for bad decisions. Or they didn’t look for him at all. By his account he was all about making the fast money. Now when they look for him they find, “sleepless nights, working to get to the top.”

Brick L tells his tale of faith and hard work over a slow jam beat. Low synths and sampled strings add to the chill but serious mood of the song. He’s all about positivity, but it’s no joke. The mood and theme of the song is serious. The rapper uses his impressive skills and flow to set the record straight. The future for Brick L is about success, not “popping bottles or partying every night as they’d expect.”

You can hear “Look for Me” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the link below to connect with Brick L. He is working hard. Expert more great music throughout 2020. Get on his socials to stay in the loop on all he has in store.




Hear “Look for Me” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist