Kiss Me Like The Devil – N2BLÜ’s Dark New Groove

N2BLÜ  - Kiss Me Like The Devil

N2BLÜ burst on the club scene early this year with their debut nu-Disco single “Neon Gold.” Since then, the New Orleans-based duo has produced an impressive output of monthly releases. Each song has been a study in modern electronic and dance music. The group has been kind enough to share them with us at The Static Dive. You can read about the previous releases here.

“Kiss Me Like the Devil” is the group’s latest release, and probably my favorite so far. Once again they are expanding their repertoire while still maintaining their signature sound. DJ, beat maker and producer Konstantin Smorodnikov is one half of that unique sound. On “Devil” he has created a cool experimental vibe. A driving kick drum holds down the center while syncopated percussion creates alternate beats and overlapping sub-rhythms. A descending EDM bassline and haunting synth chords help paint a dark groove that matches the song’s demonic title.

The other side of the N2BLÜ sound is lead vocalist and lyricist, Jonathan Arceneaux. The Louisiana native has an innate ability to conjure classic dance melodies and themes. With each of the band’s releases I am reminded of how perfectly his classically trained voice fits his chosen genre of music. He sounds as though he was born to sing club songs as he weaves his tales of love and confusion. On “Kiss Me Like The Devil,” Arceneaux and Smorodnikov are each in top form.

You can hear “Kiss Me Like the Devil” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with N2BLÜ. Keep up to date on their prolific output of work.







Hear Kiss Me Like The Devil on The Deep Indie Dive playlist