Lowlight’s “Julian” Was The Perfect Escape


I queued up Lowlight’s new single late on a Sunday afternoon. It had been great day so far. My girl and I got out of the house for a change. We walked the dog in the park and had a little socially distant picnic. Then I found myself home alone, facing the threat of a looming work week and the reality of a dangerous world outside. I needed an escape, if only in my mind. “Julian” was the perfect song, at the perfect time.

There is something about New Jersey bands. They know how to tell a story. And they know something about escape. Ever since Bruce coaxed Wendy to break the suicide rap, Garden State bands have been whispering in our ears to hit the road, and walk in the sun. Asbury Park’s Lowlight hits the mark in perfect form on “Julian”.

The five piece band cruises along on a layered and rhythmic Alt-Pop/Rock groove. Each player fills just enough space and leaves just enough empty. This is a band that knows how to play together. Meanwhile, lead vocalist Renee Maskin tries to convince the title character to join her on an escape to California. “We’ll be halfway to Denver by morning.”

There are a lot of really cool influences coming together here to create a uniquely Lowlight sound. At times the band has a 90’s Alt-Rock feel, but the overall vibe is very modern. Maskin’s voice has a sultry, almost Alt-Country lean. Through the first 3:30 of the song the band sounds a bit like Lucinda Williams jamming with The National. And that is just cool.

The second half of the seven minute piece is a psychedelic instrumental jam… partially improvised, partially orchestrated, and totally awesome. It was the perfect completion to the escape I was craving at the onset of the tune.

Listen to “Julian” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist and follow the links below to connect with this excellent Asbury Park band.




Listen to Lowlight on the Deep Indie Dive playlist