Puppet Theory’s Energetic Pop Anthem, “Someone For You”

Puppet Theory

Since their inception in 2015, Puppet Theory has released a steady stream of catchy, upbeat Pop/Rock music. The Manchester, UK band have generated a lot of buzz in Northern England. They’ve already been backed by Liverpool’s BBC Introducing team, Manchester based label Scruff Of The Neck and Derbyshire-based record label Sound Hub.

The group’s recent releases have garnered over 40,000 spins on Spotify. Now, with their latest single “Someone For You,” the band is ready to take their high-energy Indie-Pop sound onto the international stage.

“Someone For You” is a radio-ready Indie-Pop anthem. The track’s sound is a fusion of styles, inspired by generations of like-minded artists. With a one-two beat that pops with the energy, Puppet Theory brings to mind some of the best American Power Pop bands from the 1990’s, like Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World. Faithful to the form, the song is packed with catchy melodic guitar riffs and staccato power chord strumming. However, the single also cleverly incorporates layers of retro 1980’s style synths.

With playful vocal harmonies and hooks-galore, it is impossible not to sing along with “Someone For You.” The band pulls the listener in from the first downbeat. Then they seal the deal with a big, anthemic chorus. Lyrically the track teases a break-up song, but ultimately delivers the positive message that there is someone for everyone. The song is a lot of fun.

You can hear “Someone For You” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And, follow the links below to connect with Puppet Theory. Stay in the loop on all of the current and future projects of these rising stars.





Hear Puppet Theory on the Deep Indie Dive playlist