The Arthurs Rock Into The Void

Hailing from Amsterdam/Rotterdam, Netherlands, The Arthurs is an Indie Rock band with a unique take on some classic Alternative Rock themes. Their sound is one part high-octane guitar rock and one part mellow psychedelia. Somehow they successfully manage to pull off both, simultaneously.

The Arthurs debuted in 2017 with their album, “When I’m Sane.” Upon its release, the record was critically acclaimed by the Dutch press. The popular Rotterdam publication Popunie described it as, “a very strong debut and the perfect ticket to the biggest festivals.”

That first record was mostly a solo project. Frontman, Den Drijver recorded almost all of the instruments on the album himself in his living room. His only accompaniment on the project was drummer Jetske Blonk. Fast forward to 2020, The Arthurs are now a complete ensemble. In addition to Drijver and Blonk, the lineup includes lead guitarist Dylano Hahury and bass player Jelle de Wit.

The band is currently working on their sophomore follow-up album. “Void” is the third single from that forthcoming record. The complete collection is scheduled for release in September of this year. Of “Void,” Den Drijver says, “The song is about loss, emptiness and alienation.”

Given the lyrical themes in “Void,” it makes perfect sense that the video was shot in quarantine. You don’t get much emptier or more alienated than that.

“Void” is an excellent example of the band’s high-energy, yet melancholy sound. It starts as a straightforward Rock & Roll guitar song. I really dig the big, distorted Stratocaster fuzz tone. As the track progresses, the layers build. The mix of reverberated, moody vocals and high volume, melodic guitars reminds me of some of the best psychedelic and goth bands of the 80’s and 90’s. There are hints of The Church, Dinosaur Jr and Bauhaus. But The Arthurs definitely put their own spin on the sound. In the end, their brand of hypnotic Rock is all their own.

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