Junior Drummond Comes On Like A Hurricane

Junior Drummond - Hurricane

A Hip-Hop original, Junior Drummond is a product of the Upstate NY music scene. Culturally speaking, the region is often lost in the shadow of the State’s namesake city in the southern tier. That is to be expected I suppose. The Big Apple is arguably the most famous metropolitan area in the world. It accounts for over half of the population of the State. All that said, as a lifelong resident of Upstate, I can tell you firsthand that it has a thriving musical lifeblood all its own.

Originally from the Capital Region city of Troy, Drummond eventually started working a bit further West, in Rochester. There he became the final puzzle piece in the Hip-Hop group, Swerve Gang. Using the alias Wreck1, he helped found the Upstate New York division for Grind Time Now, a nationwide rap battle league. His comedic approach helped shine a spotlight on a locale not traditionally known for Hip-Hop.

After Adopting a new name, Junior Drummond launched a solo career. First came a series of singles in 2018. The rapper then released his EP “Zombies” last year. The record is still in heavy rotation on playlists across Spotify and iTunes. Not content to rest, the artist’s next single “Hurricane” is set to drop on 5/15 (presave). It is the first look at his debut full-length album “Fear and Loathing,” scheduled for a late summer release.

“Hurricane” highlights Drummond’s unique style, which combines a hardcore technique with stoner sense of humor. Over a trap beat and a melodic sample, Junior drops Pop Culture references left and right as he rhymes about smoking weed across the globe. He’s getting high everywhere from SUNY stages to the Himalayas, with everyone from Luke Skywalker to Starlord. It’s a fun tune. Drummond mixes some old-school technique with a modern production style. The track will leave you looking forward to the full record.

Junior Drummond’s “Hurricane” is available everywhere 5/15/20

Although the single won’t be out for a couple of weeks, Junior was kind enough to share the track with The Static Dive. Check out the video, and follow the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.

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