Joshua Michael Burns An Intense and Irrepressible Flame

Joshua Michael

Joshua Michael (aka Joshua Michael Jenkins) has not found an easy road to travel. When faced with great adversity, a person will either fold or fight. Joshua has chosen the latter, both literally and figuratively. He takes that fighting spirit to the ring as an Olympic hopeful amateur boxer, and to the recording studio. His brand new single, “Devour You in Flames” is a testament to that tenacity.

In addition to his skills as a musician and boxer, Joshua is a father and a hardworking man with Crohn’s Disease. The condition is an incurable and debilitating affliction of the digestive tract. The 27 year-old pugilist has suffered with the disease for 15 years. Since the age of 12 he has spent most of his life in the hospital. The illness eventually caused him to drop out of college.

However, Joshua persevered. From his home in Michigan he pursues his dual loves of boxing and music. Of his process he says, “When I am in pain from my illness I make music. When I feel good I go back to competitive boxing. My goal is to make it to the Olympics and win a medal.”

Joshua Michael
Joshua Michael battles in the ring

The artist’s debut single, “Devour You in Flames” dropped everywhere on April 24, 2020. On the track Joshua raps and sings of his burning desire to rise above his burden. Over a trap beat, subterranean bass and a sampled acoustic guitar he raps, “I am a man on fire.”

Joshua has skills as an emcee and singer. The song’s simple production leaves plenty of room for him to maneuver. At the halfway point in the songs he shifts to a singing a soulful R&B melody, “We’re going up in flames, let it wash away your pain.”

You can hear “Devour You in Flames” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Check it out and follow the links below to connect with Joshua Michael.



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Hear Joshua Michael on the Deep Indie Beat playlist