By Small Ruin Drops Some New Crazy

By Small Ruin Drops Some New Crazy 1

By Small Ruin first appeared on The Static Dive last month, upon the release of the single, “All is Well.” That song, their first in 2020, was an inspirational bit of Indie Rock. Although not written specifically with the current world COVID-19 health crisis in mind, it rang true as timely and universal in its message of persistent resilience. The band’s latest single, “Crazy” is a bit more personal in its origin story. However, lead singer/songwriter Bryan Mullis once again is able to turn his personal tale into a relatable tune.

The band is Mullis’ artistic vehicle. The name “By Small Ruin” is actually a clever anagram of the frontman’s name. The group originated in Athens, GA. That is the same legendary college town that gave rise to Alternative icons like R.E.M and The B-52’s. Mullis’ songs are inspired by his countless stories of life on the road. Hitchhiking wild child teenager, street busking in his twenties and chaotic days gigging across middle America, have all proven rich fodder for the talented songwriter.

“Crazy” takes a look at an unexpected end of the road for that Rock & Roll lifestyle. Mullis explains, “This song is about a musician friend I have that claimed he would never settle down. He was so adamant about this fact that we used to tease him about it. Turns out, of everyone in our social circle, he ended up falling the hardest when he met the right girl.”

Musically the song features a straightforward Rock arrangment. Guitar, bass and drums play a solid backbeat rhythm in support of Bryan’s instantly familiar vocal. His voice features equal doses of Americana and Alt-Pop. The performance is excellent throughout. I like the subtle hint of Classic Rock in the guitar. And as a vocalist, Bryan has a knack for sounding simultaneously melodic and conversational.

Check out “Crazy” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with By Small Ruin. Judging by their output so far this year, I suspect they have more in store for 2020.







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