Mark Henes Asks A Lover, What Could You Be Right Now?

What Could You Be Right Now

“What Could You Be Right Now” is the latest radio-ready single from Nashville, TN based singer/songwriter Mark Henes. Mark has spent the last few years gigging around his famous hometown. He has established himself as an artist ready to rise above the crowded scene to crossover into mainstream success. His music has appeared here on The Static Dive previously. Each time he arrives, he brings a new facet to his sound in tow.

Earlier this year he released “Arm Full of Roses,” a classic Country Rock love song that sounded like it came directly from the Elvis songbook. Prior to that we featured MArk’s two singles “Ghost Train” and “Strip Me Down.” The former is a bit of classic outlaw Country, while the latter is a straight-ahead Ramones-style Punk blast. All three tracks will appear on Mark’s upcoming album “Crystallized Reflections,” which is shaping up to be a genre-defying good time.

The new single comes at Mark’s sound with a bit of a Progressive Rock lean. The track incorporates some cool syncopated rhythms. There are a lot of really nice guitar nuances. As the main distorted rhythm guitar hits muted power chords on the beat, another guitar picks clean triads with a jazzy lead during the bridge. All the while, the drums keep a solid kick-snare beat with a bit more subtle and intricate play on the hats and ride. It is an excellent performance throughout with some really nice understated production.

Lyrically, Mark presents a simple question to a lover who could have made a better choice. The message is clear. “What could you be right now? Home, with me.” Check the song out on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, and follow the links below to connect with Mark Henes.






“What Could You Be Right Now?” is on the Deep Indie Dive playlist