Soziales Hetzwerk Rocks The International Silence

Soziales Hetzwerk

SOZIALES HETZWERK is the brainchild of German Rock musician, songwriter and producer Jim Schatzmann. Released to the world on May 1, 2020, the ambitious project is the product of a multinational and intercontinental collaboration. For the eight song album, Jim enlisted talents from locations as far-reaching as as Mexico, Chile, USA, and Venezuela.

The first single from the new Soziales Hetzwerk record is the guitar driven rocker, “Leise.” The title translates to English as “Quiet.” Lyrically, the song tells the tale of a city with empty streets, where everything is silent. An epidemic has driven everyone indoors. Under normal circumstances, in normal times, the song may sound like the theme to Science Fiction disaster film. However, as well know these are not normal times. The fact that the tune is performed by an international ensemble drives home the point that we are all in this together. Everyhting is quiet, everywhere.

Musically the track is a powerful rocker. The song features equal doses of 90’s Alternative Pop, 80’s Metal guitar and Grunge power. All of the performances are solid. Jim’s vocal is strong and emotional. And I love the production. Both the drum and guitar sounds are huge, and powerful throughout the song. Nothing is lost in translation. “Leise” rocks.

Soziales Hetzwerk Contributors:

  • Mixing:
    • Dorian Quäl (Germany)
  • Drums:
    • Bruno Melro (Portugal)
    • Alfonso Leal (Mexico)
    • Farris Brooks (USA)
    • Jake Naugle (USA)
  • Piano:
    • Rainer Jadischke (South Africa)
  • Harmonica:
    • Hector Ruano (Venezuela)
  • Guitar:
    • Lukky Sparxx (Chile)

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