Phil Loft Finds True Love, And New Mediterranean Chill

Phil Loft - True Love

We first heard from Phil Loft in April, upon the release of his single “Believe.” On that track the Long Island singer and songwriter urged listeners to believe in themselves. One logical outcome of that kind of self assurance is the opportunity to find love. On Phil’s new single, “True Love” he provides us with a little guidance in that area as well. Of course, once again his advice comes in the form of soulful chillout Adult Contemporary Pop perfection.

At the heart of “True Love” is a funky but soft Spanish rhythm. A simple arrangement of guitar, bass and percussion ride on an airy bed of synths and reverb. It is a great sound. I really love the high-strung guitar sound. The minimalist drum and bass groove is also a really nice touch. They add to the song’s Mediterranean flare. In my mind I see beautiful Flamenco dancers with castanets, somewhere in the distance behind Phil as he sings.

That voice is what really makes the tune. Technically, Loft executes his remarkable range and technique perfectly. And his delivery is packed with sincerity and emotion. You believe everything this singer tells you. He makes us want to find the True Love he sings about.

It is a beautiful song, and like a fine wine Phil chose not to serve it before its time. He explains, “The song was written in 2013 and I sat on it for years until I knew it was ready to blossom into what it is today.”

You can hear “True Love” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Phil Loft. Get on his socials and keep up to date with all of his current and future projects.





Find “True Love” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist