Reniery Chronicles The Struggle on La Lucha

Reniery - La Lucha

New Orleans rapper Reniery makes his debut on the single “La Lucha.” The track introduces his unique talent and technique, and also provides a bit of his own back story. The artist was born of Honduran descent. The song’s title translates in English to, “the struggle.” Through colloquial symbolism and religious imagery, “La Lucha” chronicles that struggle.

Reniery’s Spotify profile explains that, “through adversity, music found its way to his life.” This is not a tale of whoa, however. As he says in the refrain “took a lot of strive just to sauce up,” this story is about overcoming. The track is ultimately an uplifting and motivational story of rising above hardship and being the best version of oneself.

As a writer, he uses some complex imagery. Right from the opening verse, the metaphor of a rose represents both the value of appreciating life and also the artist’s drive to rise above it. He sings, “smelling my roses, taken the moment as a gift, falling, petals, resurrected, reconstructed.”

Resurrection is a recurrent theme in the song, with images of rising up from the mud and even Christ on the cross. And the struggle is not all in the past. It is ongoing as Reniery explains he is, “doing more than surviving, embody the best of me.”

I dig the production on the song. A subterranean tone generator kick and bass hold down the bottom as a staccato minor key chord progression creates a sense of urgency throughout the track. The mix is sparse and effective with some cool retro synths and a distant vocal sample. It sets a mood and leaves plenty of room for the rapper’s impressive technique.

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