SC Drops “Shock Combat HD” on 2020

SC - Shock Combat HD

Darlington, South Carolina rapper and producer SC spent years producing music for other artists before he decided to embark on a project all his own. He debuted last year with the 15 track Shock Combat. On that record he introduced his unique production style. He shines a light on his influences which include some of the greats of R&B and Hip-Hop music from the past forty years.

SC is back in 2020 with an expanded and remixed record. “Shock Combat HD” features reworked and reimagined versions of the songs from that 2019 record, as well as a healthy dose of brand new material. Once again the talented rapper and producer cruises through the many styles that have shaped his sound over the years.

The record opens with “HD Intro.” On that track SC showcases his rapid-fire old-school street-rap style. As he progresses through the record, the content morphs into a more storytelling vibe. However, his quick witted flow never stops. Whether the rapper is wooing his girl, dissing his competitors, or recounting a funny story he never misses the opportunity to rip into a quick fire eighth-note triplet.

As a producer, SC lets his creativity fly. He’s from the South, and you can hear a Southern rap lean throughout his music. Especially on songs like “Let’s Get it On.” However, he never lets his geographic origins limit his music to a single groove. He drops LA Reid style slow jams like “My Heart,” “Higher,” “Love Me” and “Every Little Thing.” He’ll then easily slide into a classic Quincy Jones 70’s disco funk on tracks like “Cowboy Freestyle.”

Some of my favorite songs on the record come from the Prince school of Minneapolis funk. Jams like “The Hit” and “Crush” really kick. He even leans in on Dr Dre influenced West Coast gangsta beats like “Shut us Down” and “Sup.” SC closes the record with two versions of “Wrong Things.” “Wrong Things 1 (Gator Freestyle)” in particular is wildly creative. It’s a real highpoint of the album.

“Shock Combat HD” is a great introduction to a multifaceted artist and producer. It is a fun listen for any fan of R&B and Hip-hop music. Check it out on SoundCloud and follow the links below to connect with SC. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.

Shock Combat HD on SoundCloud