Denney’s Vulnerable Beauty – Love Me Not


Denney has been writing songs her entire life. However, until recently the singer/songwriter from Hampshire, UK kept her music to herself. Since childhood she has been filling her diaries and notebooks with song lyrics which only she would read. That all changed in 2019, with the release of her debut single “Overheard.” Denney found the confidence to share her songs with the world. And the world is better for it.

Her music has a beautiful fragility. With emotional and personal lyrics, Denney’s songs reflect the often painful reality of love, and the loss and longing that sometimes accompanies it. In the case of her third and most recent single, “Love Me Not” she is in fear of losing love before she even finds it. She fantasizes about approaching the object of her affection and declaring her devotion. Ultimately she is defeated by her own fear as she sings, “But I don’t have the guts. So I guess you’ll love me not.” It is heartbreaking, and all too relatable.

“Love Me Not” features Denney alone at her piano. Only the subtlest hint of strings, guitar and backing vocals provide support. Her voice is as beautiful and vulnerable as are her lyrics. In the end, art makes the weak strong, and the timid bold. The artist’s willingness to share her own insecurity ironically becomes her strength. And as listeners we find encouragement in the familiarity of her struggle. It is a lovely and intimate shared moment.

You can find Denney’s music on all major streaming platforms. Listen to “Love me Not” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist and follow the link below to stay up to date on all of her current and future projects.





Hear Denney on the Deep Indie Dive playlist