Nikitaa’s Hypnotic Mix Of Worlds Old and New – Clutch


Nikitaa is an artist from two very different worlds. However, they are not opposing forces. They exist harmoniously, side-by-side in her life and her music. The singer/songwriter blends the traditional sounds of her Indian roots with the Pop and R&B music of her adopted home in the States.

Born and raised in Mumbai, from an early age Nikitaa trained in classical Indian music. She eventually made her way to Los Angeles to train at the acclaimed LA at Musicians Institute. After mastering the seemingly disparate styles of old and new world music, she melded them together into a unique sound she calls “Goddess Pop.”

“Clutch” is Nikitaa’s latest in a series of six singles released since 2018. The track is a declaration of sexual empowerment, with a great hook and some very cool production. A hypnotic rhythm combines an 808-style kick drum with a deep sub-bass and traditional Indian percussion. Meanwhile, the singer lays down the ground rules for any potential love interest. The message is clear as she sings, “This is not about us, I’ll take the lead.”

Of the song Nikitaa says, “At the time I wrote ‘Clutch’ I felt a definite sense of frustration with being fetishized as a South Asian woman in LA, and also had a deep desire to create a song about a woman’s sexuality and agency that didn’t revolve around satisfying a man. I hope listeners feel good, a growing sense of confidence, and just have a good, flirty time as they listen!”

The visually stunning video was shot independently by the artist and her family in quarantine. Remarkably, all of the footage was recorded on an iPhone. Nikitaa directed the scenes, with her mother and brother as the lighting and film crew. Technically and creatively it is a tremendous accomplishment, capturing the talented young artist’s eclectic style in sight and sound.

“Clutch” is available on all major streaming platforms. Check out the video here, and listen to the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Nikitaa.




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