VEX Mic Stands – Innovative New Gear Coming to NAMM 2021

VEX Mic Stands – Coming to NAMM 2021

A revolutionary new mic stand company is set to make their international debut at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2021, held in Anaheim, California, from January 21-24. VEX Mic Stands are designed by and for musicians. With an innovative approach and groundbreaking products, the company is set to change the landscape for working musicians everywhere.

VEX manufactures unique and durable mic stands built to withstand the demands of every musician. The company’s engineers work collaboratively with active, professional musicians to ensure their gear meets every rigor of touring, live shows, and studio use. With designs built on both the practical and the metaphysical, VEX Mic Stands connect musicians to their gear, their music, and their audiences.

The VEX V1

The company’s flagship product is the VEX V1. The unique, proprietary design of this mic stand relies on the building block of the universe, the Hexagon. The Hexagon is not only the strongest shape for torque in engineering, which allows maximum load distribution; it is also widely believed to be the shape at the center of the universe. The V1 mic stand enhances the connection that bonds performers and audiences by utilizing this universal shape while delivering unparalleled strength, durability, and performance.

VEX V1 Mic Stand offers a proprietary adjacent lever. The sturdy die-cast steel base gives a truly anchored, stable feel, and the patented hexagonal aluminum poles are engineered for unparalleled strength and comfort. The quick latch adjustment lever ensures your height will stay precisely where you want it every time, with no slipping or loosening over time like traditional stand clutches.

Gear for Musicians, by Musicians

Company founder Thomas Lopez has been an integral part of the DIY, underground music, and punk-rock scene in Phoenix, Arizona for over thirty years. In addition to founding VEX Mic Stands, Thomas is also the owner-operator of Slope Records, a vinyl-only punk label with an extensive roster of punk legends and young guns alike. His bond with these musicians allows him a unique connection to truly understand their needs and use this as inspiration for the products VEX manufactures.

Kirk Reznik, also known as K-Tel Disco, was a founding member of seminal Arizona Hip-Hop Punk band Phunk Junkeez. He’s now joined forces with Thomas Lopez to develop VEX Mic Stands into an industry leader in musical and live performance equipment. Kirk understands the rigors of touring and the frustration that can be brought on by faulty equipment. In his role as Director of Artist Relations, he works closely with industry insiders to develop and maintain relationships with performers.

Tools Musicians Need

Each stand comes with a customizable carrying case sturdily constructed with a 600D PVC Shell and Heavy Duty EVA foam interior to perfectly blend protection and grit. Dual hand straps with a unique, balanced design make loading in a breeze no matter if you’re heading out on tour, playing live, or heading into the recording studio. Keep your equipment safe and secure with the base compartment’s metal D-ring that can accommodate any combo lock, and the whole kit breaks down to a compact 43” x 2” while the base measures 10 1/4”.

VEX is a dedicated team of musicians and fans alike who are committed to creating innovative products to allow musicians to keep doing what they do best without worrying about gear malfunction. This isn’t a new product dreamed up by some engineer who never interacts with musicians and is trying to cut costs for a faceless corporation. Developed and manufactured with working performers in mind, this equipment holds the true spirit of DIY at its core.

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