Linda Pagnini’s Inspiring Return – “Hand in Mine”

Linda Pagnini

Fifteen years ago, Linda Pagnini was on the precipice of stardom. The Manchester, England native had signed a music deal with major record label, DreamWorks. She was rubbing shoulders and touring the world with superstar artists like Rick Astley. With her bold and soulful sound, she was ready to break into the international music scene. Then, tragically everything changed at the hands of a predator.

“I was riding the waves” she said “but all that came to an abrupt end after I was raped. I totally lost all my confidence and twice tried to end my life. It has taken me 15 years to get my confidence back and turn my life around. I have to do this for me and to help others.”

It has been a long road. However, after unimaginable hardship and breakdowns, Linda has found the strength not only to forge her own path to recovery but also to help others do the same. Once again performing in public, she is using her talents to raise money to provide mental health services and counseling to young people in emotional and financial need. As if that weren’t enough, during the current worldwide COVID-19 crisis she is working 12-hour shifts as an in-home health care worker.

Linda Pagnini
Linda Pagnini on the front lines

Hand in Mine

Linda’s new song “Hand in Mine” marks the rebirth of her music career. Released on May 10, the video is already clocking some impressive numbers. And the word is spreading solely through word-of-mouth. Without the aid of any official publicity campaign, as of this writing the clip has been viewed over 13,000 times on YouTube.

“Hand in Mine” is a song of love, devotion and redemption. The singer pleads with her lover to join her in, “something worth fighting for.” Over a classic 1960’s inspired chamber pop arrangement, Linda’s vocals are powerful and seething with emotion. Her voice has the R&B flavored soul of Amy Winehouse and the Rock & Roll grit of Concrete Blonde‘s Johnette Napolitano. The intensity builds as the song progresses. By the end, Linda trades soulful wails with a really slick guitar solo by Roger Crombie.

Linda Pagnini’s “Hand in Mine” is available via all major streaming services. Check out the video here and follow the links below to connect with the artist.





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