Rarin Looks For Lost Love on “Handsome”


Rarin is a new melodic Hip-Hop artist from New York City. Despite appearing on the scene only a year ago, the artist and producer has arrived with a fully formed sound. At just seventeen years old, the musician writes his own songs, mixes them himself in his home studio, and even designs the cover art for his singles and albums.

“Handsome” is Rarin’s latest single. On the track he is joined by collaborator, Prettyplayboi. The song is built on an electric guitar chord progression and downtempo Trap beat. A low electronic bass holds down the bottom as a hint of synths give the mix some air.

The song chronicles the timeline of a young romance. As the track opens, the singer tell the tale the girl who loved him and, “always called him handsome.” However, things quickly go south and the couple breaks up. From there, he realizes what he has lost and pleads for another chance at love. But his request is falling on deaf ears.

It is a story to which every young man and woman can relate. Teenage love is sometimes the hardest of all. It definitely feels that way when you are in it. Rarin hopes to help others his age deal with these issues. He explains, “I make music to make others happy and to help them deal with anxiety and other mental troubles. I wanted the song to be very relatable to teens my age.”

Rarin’s new EP is due June 5th. Check out “Handsome” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist and follow the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.






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