Van Verder – A Sublime Sockdollager From Beyond

Van Verder - Sockdollager

We first heard from Van Verder a little over a year ago. Their debut single “About us” was one of the first reviews to appear on The Static Dive. That track was a particular favorite of mine. Consequently the song stayed on the Deep Indie Dive playlist for a few weeks longer than most. It still finds its way into my rotation now and again. Their genre-fluid recipe of EDM, R&B and Pop rhythms mixed with pristine production techniques still counts among the best indie music I’ve found.

The collaborative group comes with an air of mystery. The name “Van Verder” is a Dutch term meaning, “from beyond.” And that’s really all we get to know about them. I’m not complaining. Wherever “from beyond” is, they have some great beats there.

Transmissions from that great unknown have been silent so far in 2020, until now. “Sockdollager” is Van Verder’s brand new single. The instrumental track’s title is a 1920’s slang term for, “something remarkable.” It opens with the ambient keys and the mellow sounds of small crowd chatter. Gradually a chill, bass-driven disco groove picks up. A bit of distant electric piano and some really tasty blues guitar pepper the beat. It’s just a great downtempo vibe.

The whole track has the feel of a late night after-party, and that is by design. Van Verder member Tally Camilla explains, “It is a twenties inspired anthem, where the saloon has already experienced the thrill of the party and has moved into the after party with an audience, per request only. With the mood transitioning to a more comfortable vibe, the live band also adjusts. Once everyone has had their fill of each other, the now solo band mate takes his moment to create his own relaxing night cap.”

“Sockdollager” is available on all major streaming services. You can check it out on both the Deep Indie Dive and Deep Indie Chill playlists. And follow the links below to connect with Van Verder. Explore the great beyond.





Hear Van Verder on the Deep Indie Chill playlist