Planet Suicide – JRS3 Drops The Funky Apocalypse

Planet Suicide
Johnny the Hobby Artist – Planet Suicide

Johnny R Sanford III (aka JRS3 the HOBBY ARTIST) is an emerging Hip-Hop artist from Dallas, Texas. He is a one man musical empire in the making. Not only is he the singer, songwriter, music and video producer… Johnny has also launched his own company in support of his music. Through JRS3 MUSIC LLC he handles the business end of his music business. It is the marketing, advertising, and copywriting wing of the JRS3 endeavour.

“Planet Suicide” is the latest single from JRS3. The song and it’s accompanying video combine hard hitting old-school Hip-Hop beats and technique with thought provoking social commentary. The video cuts between war scenes and pandemic affected, mask wearing civilians to make a point that hits awfully close to home in 2020. Meanwhile, Johnny raps about the harsh realities of our modern world. It is a raw and real sound. His point is driven home without any ambiguity in the refrain when JRS3 clearly states, “It’s the end of the world!.”

If the message in “Planet Suicide” gets you thinking, the music will get you moving. The end times have never sounded so funky. An acoustic drum kit bangs out a hip-hop groove as staccato piano arpeggios play a simple riff that will get stuck in your head and stay there. Throughout the track the mix is peppered by well placed horn blasts, wah-wah guitar and some nice synth and flute samples.

Planet Suicide Video

It’s a cool tune, made all the more impressive by the fact that JRS3 is a one-man show. He says, “It all started in High School for me when I was in the ACapella choir, where I learned how to read and write music. Five years ago, I purchased a MacBook Pro and some necessary equipment and taught myself how to create music with it. The rest is history.”

JRS3 explains that “Planet Suicide” is not only about our seemingly apocalyptic times, “This song is also about the people who are standing beside you, helping you, and looking out for you, through this challenging time.”

Check out the video for Planet Suicide here, and follow the links below to connect with JRS3 the Hobby Artist. Follow his socials, YouTube and Soundcloud. Stay connected to all of Johnny’s current and future projects.