Juliana Hale and KUMERA Drop a Dangerous Remix

Juliana Hale

Juliana Hale has been making music ever since she was old enough to wrap her fingers around a guitar. At eight years-old she was writing her own songs. At ten she was playing live gigs. By the time Juliana was a freshman in high school, her family had moved from Southern California to Nashville in pursuit of her musical dreams.

Just as Hale was getting started, health issues put up a roadblock on her path to stardom. Music was her refuge as she spent years recovering. By 2017 she was on the mend and began recording new music. Since then she has released a steady stream of R&B flavored Pop tunes. Her popularity has grown steadily since. In 2019 alone, her singles racked up hundreds of thousands of spins on Spotify.

One of those songs is the smokey and hypnotic “Dangerous,” a song that dissects a complicated “beautiful disaster” of a romantic relationship. For 2020, Juliana and EDM DJ, KUMERA teamed up for a remix of the fan favorite.

Hale shares, “I’ve always wanted to dip into the EDM world, but this particular remix came about super naturally. I saw one of KUMERA’s sets when I was in Reno and we ended up hitting it off and putting this track together.”

The track opens with a pulsing EDM synth bass. Juliana’s smokey and emotive tone joins the mix and maintains all of the cool nuance of the original version. Gradually the bass is joined by a pounding kick drum. Once the track hits the chorus, the sound explodes into a hard analog synth bass. It is a great sound which adds a real intensity to this emotional Dark Pop song.

The video has some ridiculously cool 3D animation

Dangerous KUMERA Remix is available on all streaming platforms. You can check it out on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Juliana Hale. Keep in the loop on all of her current and future projects.






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Hear Juliana Hale on the Deep Indie Beat playlist