LAW Perseveres on “I Still Believe”

Corey Alman

LAW is the ambitious new solo project from Gibraltarian musician, Corey Alman. Prior to heading out on his own, Corey put in his time on the live Rock & Roll circuit. For years he played bass in a number of successful bands. He cut his teeth in groups like No Man’s Land, Glow , Real , Milbajac, and Metro Motel.

Corey’s new endeavour is a labor of love. LAW is a project for which he has been planning a long time. Now, with the help of his brother Jourdan behind the board, it has come to fruition. The band name is derived from his middle name, Lawrence. Officially Alman is the only member of the band. However, he plans to collaborate with other musicians as needed.

“I Still Believe” is the first single from LAW. The track is a mellow and emotional rock ballad about keeping faith in the face of unimaginable hardship. The song’s protagonist wanders the streets of a lonely city. As he mourns lost loved ones and contemplates his shattered dreams, rather than succumb to despair he finds the strength to carry on.

The song features a beautifully executed vocal and an immediately memorable melody. Instrumentally, a mix of piano, electric guitar and bass create a lush interwoven progressive rock tapestry. The tune hearkens back to some of the best introspective Rock classics of the 1980’s.

With more releases planned and an album on the way, we can expect to hear a lot more from LAW. Check out the video for “I Still Believe,” and listen to the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Corey, and LAW.





Hear LAW on the Deep Indie Dive playlist