Sharvesh Battles Voices on his New Single


Sharvesh is a new voice out of Berlin’s booming Hip-Hop scene. A native of India, he studied in Germany and turned a lifelong love of music into the launch of a career onto the global trap scene. He debuted last year with the single “Lost.” That song and it’s follow-up “Dime” have racked up tens of thousands of spins on Spotify.

The rapper lists artists like Lil Peep and Joji as influences. Sharvesh has studied music since his childhood in India. When he arrived in Berlin for University an early interest in EDM eventually led him to create melodic emo rap.

“Voices” is the brand new single from Sharvesh, released worldwide on May 29, 2020. The track is a melodic rap tune over a mellow Trap beat. He sings trance-like auto-tune vocals as a hypnotic and psychedelic backing track sets a trippy mood. It is a dark vibe, but the infectious melody pulls the listener in as Sharvesh picks apart the competing voices in his own mind. The artist explains that he, “puts all of his anger and frustration into his music. It’s a form of release.”

On the new single he uses overlapping vocal harmonies, guitars and synths to paint the backdrop for his stream of consciousness lyrics. Lyrically, “Voices” contemplates themes of paranoia, confusion and the artist’s internal struggle to find happiness. By the time the song reaches the bridge the singer chants a quiet mantra, “I need peace.” It is a very real emotional moment, and one that is universally relatable.

“Voices” is available on all major streaming services. Check it out on the Deep Indie Beat playlist and follow the links below to connect with Sharvesh. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future releases.





Hear Sharvesh on the Deep Indie Beat playlist