Black Lab’s Intense Dark Pop Existentialism – In a Moment

Black Lab
Black Lab

When I first received the new single “In a Moment” from the band BLACK LAB in my inbox I thought to myself, “Wait a minute, I know them.” I was right, and you probably know them too

Black Lab has been making hit records since the late 90’s. They know the music business from both sides of the Indie coin. They have had hit songs on two major record labels; first Geffen and then Epic. These include the Alternative Rock chart-topping hits; “Wash It Away,” “Time Ago.”

In the early 2000’s the band left the majors and began releasing music on their own, to even greater success. The group’s core members; singer/songwriter Paul Durham and producer/composer Andy Ellis moved to Montana and Los Angeles, respectively. Working remotely the duo have released nine albums independently. Their music has been featured on major TV and film projects. The song “This Night” has over 3,000,000 spins on Spotify.

“In a Moment” is Black Lab’s brand new single. On the song the band carries their trademark emotional and cinematic vibe into the very modern, dark, Electronic Pop realm. Lead vocalist Dunham sings an emotional meditation on the fleeting nature of time and the value of living life while we are alive. He has a classic Alt-Rock leading-man tone, with hints of 80’s Alternative and 90’s Modern Rock but with a vibe and message that comes directly out of 2020.

Musically the song is a cinematic and slightly psychedelic downtempo electronic groove. The track incorporates elements of Trip-Hop and even a touch of Trap in the beat. A wide tapestry of dark synth sounds takes full advantage of each genre’s emotional weight. “It’s a pretty heavy beat. Somehow it sends drugs directly to my brain,” says producer Andy Ellis.

Lyrically the song is equally heavy. Durham sings, “It goes by in a moment, it goes by in a flash.” The message is clear. Your time on Earth has an expiration date, so get to living. The singer explains, “‘In a Moment’ is about finding hope and the instinct to live — even in the darkest night.”

You can hear “In a Moment” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Check it out and follow the links below to connect with Black Lab. Stay in the know on all of their current and future projects.







Hear Black Lab on the Deep Indie Dive playlist