Londynne Digs Deep On His New Album, “Starlight”

We first heard from Londynne in March. At the time the talented young artist from California had released his new single, “Rich, Sad, Beautiful.” That song was the semi-autobiographical tale of a musician growing in popularity, but unable to escape his own personal issues.

Although he is only eighteen years-old, Londynne’s resume includes record producer and record label owner. He has been writing, recording, and releasing his own original music ever since he was just thirteen. He worked first as XVEE, and later as Londynne. In his five year career he has produced music for himself and other artists under his label YUNG Records.

Londynne can now add a full solo album to his list of accomplishments. “Starlight” is a twelve song collection that delves even deeper into the genre-bending style that he hinted at on his previous releases. The songs on “Starlight” stylistically exist somewhere between Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock. At the center of most songs is Londynne’s guitar. He marries Alternative and Emo guitar compositions with Trap beats and EDM synths.

The multi-instrumentalist plays all of the instruments on the record, and engineer all but one of the songs himself. It is a moody brand of Pop music. The album is rich with some really nice guitar playing. Tracks like “Sing me to Sleep” and “Seventeen” get experimental with some cool Grunge lines paired with modern Hip-hop beats. Elsewhere he branches out even further. For instance, “I Could Fall Into Your Eyes Forever” was a cool lo-fi Pop vibe. Londynne’s creative genre-hopping sometimes reminds me a bit of Post Malone’s approach.

Thematically, “Starlight” is dark. The record explores themes of death, drugs and general dysfunction. The album continues the examination of youthful excess that Londynne first touched on “Rich, Sad, Beautiful.” Tracks like “Coke Fiend” and “Tonight” explore the side effects of drug culture. The latter is a real high point, with an excellent rhythm guitar hook and great lines like, “18 in a city full of sin, tonight.” Other tunes turn similarly clever phrases. The title of “Six Feet Away” could be a reference to social distancing, a grave, or both. And “Moonlight Room” has one of the best love song lines I’ve heard in awhile, “5 AM , what a great time to fall in love again.”

Londynne says, “For me, this album feels like a roller coaster. Going up and down, and up and down. It’s a reflection of me being a teenager, trying to figure out life and taking in everything that’s going on around me. Sometimes the songs are upbeat, sometimes they’re aggressive, and sometimes they’re slow and extremely sad… though I guess all of the songs are sad to a certain degree.”

“Starlight” sounds like the soundtrack to the morning after an epic and disastrous party. On the closing track “Why Am I Here,” Londynne sings, “Grab a bottle, drink the pain away.” That’s the story of the album. All of its characters are picking up the pieces, healing in any way they can. They are young, and having fun. But sometimes, the fun stings.





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