Bruce Buddah Gets Trippy on the new “Light Supersedes Darkness”

Bruce Buddah

Bruce Buddah is the professional name of Jakiel Thomas Moses-Harris, a wildly creative melodic Hip-hop artist from Boston who is quickly converting followers to his unique and uplifting sound. Although Bruce only just started releasing music in 2019, he already has over 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. That is thanks to a steady output of really high-quality chillout Hip-hop and R&B tinged Pop.

“Light Supersedes Darkness” is his latest single. It is a wild psychedelic ride that has a lot of fun with everything from a bad trip to a whacked-out job interview. The first verse follows our protagonist through a chemically induced haze, as he sings, “the night is young, I have anxiety, oh damn I’m on that LSD.” Overlapping

An excellent rapid-fire rap break takes over the second verse. Hip-Hop artist SeeJee functions as a sort of Greek chorus, an unnamed observer attempting to give advice to the disoriented Hip-Hop Hippy. Albeit the advice is not great, “Oh man you took too much, just kidding you didn’t take enough.”

Finally the third verse finds our hero, presumably still tripping, at a job interview. “Hi, how are you? How high are you?” Here and throughout the song, vocal effects are used to create a perfect mix of sensory confusion. If you weren’t high when you started listening, you might be by the time the song ends. Everything from overlapping harmonies to a wild “left-right-left-right” chant in the bridge set exactly the right mood.

“Light Supersedes Darkness” is a Ba1ance original including Seejee and Bruce Buddah. The producer is Mr.Majick and the song features Swaya on vocals. Check it out on all major streaming services, and on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Bruce Buddah. Keep up to date on all of his current and future releases.




Hear Bruce Buddah on the Deep Indie Beat playlist