Romey McFly Takes a Cool Slow Roll Through G Season

Romey McFly

Romey McFly (aka Romey Rome) is a Texas native Hip-hop artist now based in the Southern California city of Riverside. Romey covers all aspects of the music business in the Inland Empire. He works as house DJ at AP Radio and he organizes the hottest community shows, festivals, and events.

“G Season” is Romey’s latest single. The vibe on the track is one part West Coast and one part Dirty South. The track incorporates the low and slow roll of a downtempo Texas bass groove. However, the beat is also heavily influenced by classic old-school Compton-style Los Angeles hip-hop, a-la Dr. Dre and Snoop’s G-thang.

But the G in “G Season” doesn’t stand for “gangsta.” Romey explains the song is, “A bop to commemorate the greatest season of all: Gemini Season. Goin up all year around, but this is the big season to make moves. The time of year when everything is lit, as the summer time approaches. Time to Go Get It… This is G Season.”

With a melodic and rhythmic technique, Romey doesn’t miss a beat or take a breath as he relays his narrative of, “one lonely, fly Gemini.” It is a fun track with equal parts attitude and humor. He’s dropping references to everything from the Muslim holiday of Ramadan to his favorite Cali Kush weed. This is a summer jam, made for cruising LA in your favorite low rider.

You can check out “G Season” here, or listen to it on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Romey McFly can be found on all major streaming services. Follow the links below to connect with the artist and stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.





Hear Romey McFly on the Deep Indie Beat playlist