N2BLÜ – Better Now

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N2BLÜ – Better Now

N2BLÜ is back with another brand new song. The prolific EDM duo from New Orleans have produced an impressive string of singles since their debut late last year. Each month we have been treated to a new disco-infused dance track. You can read all about their previous releases here. Their latest song takes a temporary turn away from the rave and into some darker territory.

“Better Now” is a psychological study of a bad relationship, and a declaration of perseverance. Lead singer Jonathan Arceneaux looks back at that past toxicity, sizes it up, and moves on. He sings, “You were what I thought I deserved. I deserve… Better now.”

Jonathan Explains, “Better Now is a very personal song about a past relationship and a past version of myself. I used to feel unworthy of love and that led me to relationships and people that weren’t the healthiest. The journey to self acceptance is not an easy one and it never really ends. It’s something we have to work on every day and all we can really hope for is to be better now than we were then.”

Musically DJ Konstantin Smorodnikov’s dark groove and ambient synths match the serious vibe of the lyrics. The song opens with moody downtempo synths and a minimalist beat. At around the 1:15 mark the rhythm shifts to a rolling beat reminiscent of Kate Bush’s “Running up that Hill.” It creates a really cool bit of tension as Jonathan comes to the realization that he is better off without his lost love.

You can hear N2BLÜ on both the Deep Indie Dive and Deep Indie Beat playlists. Follow the links below to connect with the group. And read about all of their previous releases here at The Static Dive.







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