Bruce Buddah’s Nuanced New Hip-Hop Drama – I Forgive You

Bruce Buddah

Boston Hip-Hop artist Bruce Buddah first appeared here on The Static Dive with the release of his single, “Light Supersedes Darkness.” That track is a fun and psychedelic romp through a drug induced haze. You can read about it here.

On his new song “I Forgive You,” Bruce went in a very different direction. He assembled a team of collaborators to deliver a theatrically inspired collection of stories. It is a chill hip-hop tune, but it is more than that. The single is built around a theme of common experiences in the pursuit of human connection. The result is a smart, relatable and nuanced piece of work.

When discussing the impetus for the track Bruce Buddah explains, “When I thought of the concept of this record I had the Broadway play Rent in mind. That was the vibe. Each artist shares their own personal experience.”

Musically the stories play out over a funky lo-fi hip-hop beat. Hypnotic synth arpeggios and a creative use of backing harmonies give the sound depth. The singers join in order. Bruce Buddah, ALLY, 8nfinti and Jack Crosby take their turns delivering melodic rap monologues. Each recounts their own tale of the confusion wrought by interpersonal relationships.

The singer Rawfish introduces each witness, like the narrator of a dramatic musical. He uses the song’s chorus as a transitional tool between narratives. The whole thing works, really well. Bruce and his compatriots take hip-hop songwriting into the realm of dramatic storytelling.

“I Forgive You” is one of a two song collection called, “Life is Short.” The track was produced by Pac-Man from Las Vegas, Nevada and engineered by John Scott and Luke Skywalker from Phoenix Down Studio in Somerville, Massachusetts. Check it out on the Deep Indie Dive playlist and follow the links below to connect with Bruce Buddah.




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