Bambedrok/8mileslik – Hard Truth With 2020 Vision


Bambedrok/8mileslik is the professional name of Detroit Hip-Hop artist Lou J Coleman Jr. The veteran rapper and producer has been releasing his own independent music for 20 years. In that time he has recorded and produced over 20 releases and performed hundreds of shows. He has worked with local talent in the Motor City as well as established artists from across the globe.

“Thank God” is Lou’s new single from his latest release, the seven song EP “2020 Vision.” On the record he looks at the world as it is through the lens of experience. The single is a thoughtful retrospective on the artist’s mistakes of the past as well as his path to redemption and personal growth.

The track is built on a slow and soulful groove. A funky 1970’s bassline is paired with samples of R&B keys and strings. Over an old-school beat Bambedrok/8mileslik retells tales from his own past and those of the folks he knows from the famous 8-Mile neighborhood in Detroit.

With insightful and crafty lyrics like “Thank God I don’t look like what I’ve been through,” Lou makes an honest assessment of his life as he lived it, and how he is living it today. His own real-life experiences allow him to be simultaneously honest and sympathetic to himself and the other subjects in his stories. It is really great writing.

“Thank God,” is available on all major streaming services. Check it out on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, and follow the links below to connect with Bambedrok/8mileslik. Stay in the loop on all his current and future releases.





Hear Bambedrok/8mileslik on the Deep Indie Beat playlist