Xwisdom Holds Court on the New “Life”

Xwisdom (aka Pugly) is a UK artist with interests in a number of creative outlets. He employs his interests in graphic design and video production in the creation of original content on his YouTube channel. His projects there ultimately led him to create his own original music. The rapper and influencer began releasing a series of singles earlier this year.

The young hip-hop talent may be new to music but he is pursuing the endeavour in earnest. He has already released four singles in 2020. His most recent is the song “Life.” Piano arpeggios introduce the track for dramatic effect. Soon an old-school beat, funky descending bassline and strings join the mix as the rapper holds court.

Of his music Xwisdom says, “I hope to spread a message of positivity and change.” To that end, on the new single he rails against the injustices of our modern world. The ultimate message is one of inclusion and tolerance as he raps, “We should all accept the fact that people are different, that includes me and you.”

Check out “Life,” here. And you can also listen to Xwisdom on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. The artist is currently working on a full album. Follow the links below to connect with his work. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.






Hear Xwisdom on the Deep Indie Beat playlist