Reptile the Hustler’s New “Jungle in the Streets”

Reptile the Hustler

Reptile the Hustler (RTH) is the professional name of Daniel Williams. The New York based emerging Hip-hop artist is also a record producer and label owner. The talented young entrepreneur is the founder of Hustlers Ink Entertainment Inc. Since 2016 he has been creating his own Hip-hop music and helping other artists do the same.

RTH’s “The Grind Don’t Stop” album, and its sequel GDS2, chronicled his life and the decision to switch from trapping to rapping. The records have earned tens of thousands of spins on Spotify, and he is just getting started. Reptile the Hustler is currently working on the third installment of the trilogy, GDS3. In the interim though, he has released a brand new single ripped from today’s headline.

“Jungle in the Streets” is a real-life tale of the struggle for young black men to thrive and survive. Over an old-school Hip-hop breakbeat with 1970’s R&B inspired and cinematic bass and keys, RTH tells the truth of his reality. The song is hard hitting, topical, and funky.

Williams explains, “I recorded this track after Nipsey Hussle got assassinated but never released it. I felt it was a good track to release giving everything going on now. It’s about black men coming together fighting the oppression we face in our everyday lives.”

You can hear Reptile the Hustler’s “Jungle in the Streets” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Check it out and follow the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future releases.





Hear Reptile the Hustler on the Deep Indie Beat playlist