BLAZAR and Daxsen’s New Club Banger “Tomorrow”

We first heard from BLAZAR (aka Jerad Finck) last month with the release of the debut, “Better.” That single defined the new project’s sound. Jerad’s music mixes infectious Pop hooks with analog and digital instrumentation filtered through a slightly Punk Rock attitude. It is a groovy Electronic Alt-Pop vibe that rides the line between Indie Rock and electronic dance music.

On his new follow-up single, Finck steps over that line and dives deeply into EDM territory. “Tomorrow” is a club-ready and radio friendly dance track. The song is a collaboration with the industry heavy hitter, DAXSEN. In addition to his international music business success as the owner The Daxsen Music Group LLC, Daxsen has worked as a producer for some of the biggest names in EDM. As a solo artist his streams are counted in the millions.

“Tomorrow” opens with a mellow piano and vocal intro. However, the beat finds its way into the mix quickly and the song hits the dance floor. Classic EDM bass and synth tones meet Jerad’s layered vocal harmonies. The singer delivers a simple and memorable melody that will stick with you. The production throughout the track is both dynamic and nuanced with dramatic builds and subtle interludes. From the bass line to the lead vocal, the song is immediately catchy. These are two artists who know how to write a hook. And I really dig the synth solo at the 2:30 minute mark.

Jerad Finck’s new project has already produced some exciting music, and he has plenty more planned. Check out “Tomorrow” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with BLAZAR. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.






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Hear BLAZAR and Daxsen on the Deep Indie Beat playlist