Melotika’s Dark and Dramatic New “Bury The Bones”


Melotika is the professional name of Canadian singer/songwriter, Mel Yelle. The Alternative Electro Pop artist began releasing her own original music in 2018. The launch of her musical career was the successful culmination of a journey which began four years earlier, when Mel left a traditional University to enroll in a music production program. After completing the program, she moved from her home to Toronto and committed to her dream.

“Bury the Bones” is Melotika’s latest single. With its dark Pop mix of Alternative Rock and Electronic, the track is a perfect showcase for the artist’s style and skills as both a singer and songwriter. It is a dramatic piece that recounts the story of a fictional romantic break-up, from the perspective of a particularly disturbed individual.

The song and its corresponding video play out like an episode of Forensic Files. The story’s lead antagonist is a young woman who takes the phrase, “If I can’t have him, no one can,” to its logical murderous conclusion. We watch and listen as she prepares a romantic evening with her love interest, complete with a poisoned glass of wine. The beautifully shot video pulls us into the drama. By the time she pulls a mysterious vial from her purse, it is clear something sinister is afoot. Ultimately our anti-heroine creepily watches her lover die, hides the body and introduces her next victim.

Musically, “Bury the Bones” combines an Alt-Rock sensibility with some cool retro-synth sounds. Among others, Melotika rightfully lists Lady Gaga as an influence. In terms of both vocal performance and music production the two artists share an affinity for 1980’s style, R&B infused electronic Pop. However, Mel also incorporates elements of Rock and Trip-Hop into the mix to create some dark theater. Speaking of theater, I sense a bit of Broadway at work as well, particularly during the vocal/piano break in the bridge. The singer rises beautifully to the challenge of an emotional and dramatic melody.

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