Lucid Ending – A Product of Our Volatile Modern Times

Lucid Ending

Lucid Ending is an Alternative band from Edmonton, AB. The Canadian quartet specializes in hard hitting, thought provoking, guitar driven Rock. The Edmonton, AB band’s sound finds its origins in 90’s grunge. However they mix in a healthy dose of classic rock lead guitar with lyrics ripped directly from today’s headlines.

“Product” is the band’s new single. All of the elements of the Lucid Ending sound come together perfectly on a track that is as intelligent as it is rocking. A Bush-style bass and power chord rumble introduces the tune. After a taste of wailing lead guitar, Ahmet’s vocal enters the mix with the first of three tales of normal people suffering through the realities of our modern age.

The song runs through three narratives; of a man spinning through the corporate wheel, a woman desperately seeking companionship, and a homeless man begging on the streets because a robot took his job. In each case we learn that we are the “products.” Over a high-energy grunge track and an infectious melody, Trevor tells us we are products of our time. Now, “”take your pills and go to sleep.”

The new single, “Product” is available on all major streaming services. Check out the lyric video here and listen to Lucid Ending on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the band.





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Hear Lucid Ending on the Deep Indie Dive playlist