Allie Roar’s Reflective Search for Identity – Black

Allie Roar
Allie Roar

Allie Roar has already spent most of her young life in pursuit of a musical dream. The Florida native began writing songs at just 11 years-old. By the time she was in High School she had already determined that Nashville was where she needed to be. After graduation, that is exactly where she went. At 18 she made the move to Music City, enrolled in Belmont University and got to work on her music career.

Since last year Allie has released a handful of singles, from the R&B tinged “Small Town Love” to the more whimsical Pop of “Secrets.” On her latest release, “Black” Allie displays a maturity gained from experience. The track is an introspective piano ballad that will strike a chord with young people everywhere trying to determine their way in a frightening world. Allie moves emotionally through a dark meditation on a young woman’s search for identity and love as she sings, “My world feels so black. I’m falling off track of who I’m supposed to be to please society.”

Roar’s sound is uniquely tailored for our times. Stylistically she comfortably bends genres to suit the needs of her songs. She is a talented singer and songwriter who already has a keen understanding of both the technical and emotional constructs of her music. “Black” is a beautiful piece of work, featuring expert production and an excellent vocal performance. However, where the song really shines is in the authenticity of its message, and of its messenger.

Check out “Black” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Allie Roar is currently working hard and collaborating with other musicians to release new music. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Stay in the know on all of her current and future projects.





Hear Allie Roar on the Deep Indie Dive playlist