By Small Ruin Rekindles a Flame on “Take Me With You”

By Small Ruin

By Small Ruin is back with the new single, “Take me With You.” The Athens, GA band has had a productive 2020 with new songs released on a nearly monthly basis. You can read about “All is Well,” “Crazy,” and “Feel Your Breath” here at The Static Dive. The band is the brainchild of singer, songwriter and veteran road warrior Bryan Mullis. Mullis specializes in infectiously catchy personal narrative Alt-Rock/Alt-Country Pop songs. His new single does not disappoint.

“Take me With You” is the story of rekindling an old flame. On the track Mullis dreams of the possibilities after an old girlfriend catches up with him online. Both find themselves available, and remembering. It is a scenario familiar to anyone with memories of their first true love.

About the song Bryan says, “This song was written after catching up with an old girlfriend online. We spent a few days messaging back and forth when I realized we had inadvertently moved beyond surface-level chit chat. Suddenly, I was 17 again and ready to go wherever she lead.”

Musically, “Take Me With You” rides on a simple and straightforward three chord Pop-Rock groove. As is the case with all BSR songs, at the heart of the track is Mullis’ deeply personal lyrical and vocal style. He has a knack for writing universally relatable songs with catchy, singable melodies. Also, I really like the hard-panned whammy-bar guitars in the verse. The track has cool sparse sound until it meets the smooth vocal harmonies of the chorus. It is a radio-ready hi.

You can hear “Take me With You” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with By Small Ruin.





Hear By Small Ruin on the Deep Indie Dive playlist